A downloadable game for Windows

First person restaurant tycoon. Bake cookies, serve apples tomatos and pour them some coffee!

The game is currently in early technical alpha. Nearly everything is subject to change, though I wanted to get this out to you guys to have some fun with!

Please visit Beansincgame.com for the most up-to-date information

9-12: New screenshot is a preview of the build system.

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Published19 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbarista, beans, coffee, First-Person, restaurant, simulator, tycoon
LicenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

Download demo

BeansInc_Alpha.zip (24 MB)


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is this game free

Haven't played the game yet but it looks awesome so far good luck with your games.

how do you play this game

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I really loved the game! :) With time you run out of fruit and i didn't discover a way to get anymore of them.

Also i'm fairly sure that the game now has a newer version, but the video is on the previous version!

Thnx for the video! New update aint out yet, it's a huge one!

hey you should add something to do with the back room and a way so you dont run out, and a money system, also some kind of story element like papers please kind of! :) really like the game and hope you kepp up the good work!

Hey! Thnx for your message. Little update, got the building system in last night. Next up: Ordering of items! :)

About the story, I was planning on making that a little happier then the story of "Papers, please". Coffee is happiness after all isn't it?

oh yes definetly i just meant in that stile of story delivery, not so much the story line if that makes sense

how do you make the brown disc things they ask for?

The oven is currently a bit too "real". It needs quite some time to warm up, leave em in there while the light in on and they will bake

wait you mean I wasn't just supposed to give them raw cookie dough. Woops. Didn't realize the oven was a thing

lol thats what i did

do you mean the green light is on or the yellow light? because the way i understand it, you preheaty with the yellow light and then you put the raw douhg in there while it is green

It doesn't matter when u put em in. They start baking when its hot enough. The oven will warm up and cooldown, but remain warm enough. The light will switch orange and green though. Temperature gauge coming up!

ok thank you

Great game, but could you just give someone a coffe without using a whole tray. Same goes with the apple or cookie.

Thank you for the feedback!! Ill consider this one, I might make it possble but cut your rating for it

Seems really fun. exited for any more additional features ;D

Thnx Dan, cheers up my day! :)

Is there any way to get more apples or cookies?


There definitly will be! Hope to bring a huge update in a month or so. Please see www.beansincgame.com for the latest information

how do u give them the food

You have to click on a tray and set it on where they are seated, after that place the items that they want in order to serve them

Thanks for your message! One of my goals for the alpha was to find out how logical it all would be for a player. The next update will have some tutorial elements. Stay tuned!

You should add some kind of story. I love story games. Or add a part of the game where you can go into who you are playing as's house.

Thanks for playing! You might wanna read up on the latest blog post I did: http://beansincgame.com/

i cant read their mind if they only stare at me...

Click on them to talk to them. Thnx for your feedback though! Next update will have some tutorial events to catch these problems.